Eco Drive

Detailed vehicle & driver performance insights. Improve fuel efficiency, increase safety and lower operational costs.

Make your employees better & safer drivers

Analyse driver behavior to get a grip on your operational fleet costs.

Save money on your operational costs, fuel expenses and maintenance costs. With Eco Drive from AIMC Solutions you get a detailed view on the performance of your vehicles and your drivers. The intelligent control unit measures critical KPI’s about driver behavior like: speeding, harsh accelerations, harsh braking and Harsh cornering. Eco Drive will help you train (and maintain) good driver behavior. This will improve the safety of your employees and let’s you save lot’s of money on operational fleet costs. With the optional CAN/FMS interface it’s possible to retrieve a wide range of extra parameters directly from the vehicles like odometer, RPM, fuel consumption, use of cruise control, engine temperature etc.

Detailed information

About your drivers behavior & performance
Detailed recording of pre-defined excessive driving events like:

Harsh accelerations
Harsh braking
Excessive cornering
Virtual speed limiter
Virtual RPM limiter (only with CAN/FMS)
Fuel consumption (only with CAN/FMS)

In-depth reports

See how your drivers are performing in one simple report
Easy to interpret reports to see how your vehicles and driver are performing in
relation to each other, to their department or to the entire company.
Set goals and targets, generate personal scoring reports.

CAN / FMS data

Retrieve more parameters with the optional CAN/FMS interface
With the optional CAN/FMS interface it’s possible to get more vehicle specific
parameters like RPM’s, fuel consumption, use of cruise control, engine temperature, engine load etc.

For most commercial vehicles it’s possible to use one of the industry data standards like CANbus,
J1939, J1708/J1587, OBD, ISO11992, serial and proprietary data networks. Read more about FMS data.

Extensive reporting

Easy to configure & schedule reports
Within the Live Tracking Platform everything is interactive and visualised, but of course
all data can be easily extracted in static reports. All reports can be exported as
PDF, CSV or XML. You can easily create reports and schedule repeating reports.
With this option you or your employees receive the reports right in your inbox at the moment of your choice.

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