Tachograph Analysis Pricing

Pricing For Tachograph Analysis kept Simple




per week

  • Drivers are charged at £1.00 per driver per week.



per week

  • Vehicles are charged at 50p per vehicle per week.

AIMC's pricing is kept simple, competitive and fair. You will not find a more comprehensive tachograph analysis software for less.
The use of the IDHA system costs just £1.00 per driver per work and 50p per vehicle per week, if no data is uploaded for either drivers or vehicles within the 7 day working period there is no charge for this period.
There is no minimum term contract for use of the IDHA system and you will only be charged for the service we provide when you upload your data, there are no additional data storage costs or upload fee's unlike many systems out there.
All prices exclude VAT.

Pricing Policy.
IDHA is a web based tachograph analysis system, you do not have to download any software, and you are not tied into a minimum term contract. You will only be
charged for the service we provide when you upload your data, i.e. for us to analyse, display and store the data that you upload. We charge for the vehicle and
drivers separately as not all customers require both features and we do not feel it is fair to spread the cost to all users, unlike other companies we actually analyse
the vehicle data.

For transparency we have set out our software usage charging policy below, however, if you have any queries on the matter, please do not hesitate to contact our
admin department on 02477042009.

Take advantage of our obligation free 28 day free trial period.

All data entered in the trial period is free and will not be charged, regardless of when you subscribe, even If you decide to us IDHA part way through your free trial;
none of the data you entered during the whole of your free 28 day trial will be charged. You will not be required to provide any financial information to use the
trial system.

Driver, £1.00 per driver per week
Digital Vehicle, 50p per vehicle per week.


Definition of a week: Monday 0000 hours to Sunday 2400 hours
Charging: Weekly increments
Payment: Payment is required within 30 days of the date shown on the invoice.
Billing: All billing for use of the IDHA system will be in an electronic format, e-mailed to the e-mail address you enter in the billing details.

End of Trial, Live User Subscription


Any new or existing drivers that you add onto IDHA may have many months of data already recorded on his/her driver card from previous employment.
You will not be charged for any historical data uploaded.

Agency or Casual:

If your company uses casual or agency drivers it is imperative that when there work commitments cease you generate there reports,
then deactivate either the driver or vehicle to avoid incurring a cost for said driver or vehicle.
You can reactivate any previous drivers or vehicles with ease as and when you may need to.

Rest Days & Holidays:

IDHA automatically detects drivers usage on a weekly basis, any drivers or vehicles with no uploads during the specified working week will not be charged for.

Vehicle Data:

Where you download data from the vehicle onto IDHA you will be charged 50p for each week that data is entered.
Vehicle data will be charged from the date of the first upload. Data before this time will not be charged for.


Free telephone assistance is provided with the initial set up.
E-mail sales@aimcsolutions.co.uk for assistance, we do not charge for this service, alternatively, please call 02477042009.

All prices quoted exclude V.A.T.
Errors and Omissions Excepted