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About AIMC Solutions Group

AIMC Solutions Group delivers critical business information to leading decision makers enabling them to improve their operational efficiency by reducing costs and creating revenue generating opportunities while also ensuring regulatory compliance.
This is achieved by improving driver and vehicle safety, increasing fuel and engine efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and optimising their fleet management practices and processes.

What Makes AIMC Solutions Group Different?
When it comes to vehicle telematics, the competencies of AIMC Solutions Group add up to a value proposition that is unmatched in the market. Cost-effective solutions, unrivalled customer service, an unparalleled track record, proven technology, extensive technical capability, continual product innovation, unique methodologies, fast implementations and financial soundness have made us the top telematics company of choice for commercial vehicle operators worldwide.

Technical Capability and Proven Technology

We have a focused approach to telematics engineering and are constantly adapting to ever-changing market needs. Our range of software applications and hardware options create some of the world's most powerful and comprehensive vehicle and driver reporting packages available on the market. No other vendor can come close to matching AIMC Solutions Group level of expertise in the commercial vehicle telematics arena. We have a focused approach to telematics engineering and are constantly adapting to ever-changing market needs.

AIMC Solutions Group products can be depended upon, and they are built for durability. They are designed and implemented to work harmoniously with other on board vehicle systems and rigorous testing procedures show them to be extremely scalable and robust.

Fully Integrated

AIMC Solutions Group is one of, if not, the only fully integrated telematics companies. We own the entire development of solutions from design and manufacture of hardware to the development and control of software. This allows us to meet the most complex of customer requirements with maximum process controls and security.

Proven Implementations and ROI

Achieving the business objectives of your purchase is dependent on a meticulous implementation carried out in close co-operation with you. All of AIMC Solutions Group solutions and services are delivered in accordance with the AIMC Solutions Group Project Delivery Model to ensure a professional implementation to rigorous pre-agreed standards.

AIMC Solutions Group systems are proven to generate a positive return on investment— even on top of existing installed telematics and tracking systems.

Financial Soundness

AIMC Solutions group has seen steady, organic growth since inception and has been internally-funded through positive cash-flows from our core operations. Our balance sheet strength has grown incrementally with the deployment of our telematics systems and AIMC Solutions Group remains privately held with strong financials - a rarity in an industry known for fly-by-night businesses and more recently, rampant M&A activity.


We work with some of the world's largest and most respected organisations - many of whose requirements are extremely complex. We have established mutually beneficial long-term business relationships and our customers have come to depend on us to meet their current and future telematics requirements.

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Our Vision

Being a major system integrator in the UK & European region's, we cater to almost every industry with a requirement of creating efficient and seamless business process solutions. We aim at becoming a Major Global Organisation offering Innovative Technologies & Solution to enable our Customers more efficient and sustainable growth in a challenging environment.

We believe that ‘Reliability’ is the cornerstone of any business relationship and hence we work towards making ourselves trustworthy and reliable to our customers through our undying efforts and promising team. We at AIMC Solutions Group have the vision to make our organisation one of the most preferred organisation in the field of System integration and we are aware that we cannot achieve this unless we constantly prove our credibility to our clients. Many of our new customers come from “word of mouth” from our existing customers.


Beyond all of this, our ambition is to become the undisputed world leader in System integration and offering unique solutions to the transport sector.
To become a Major Research & Development (R&D) Based Technology/Solution/Consulting Company to cater to the technology requirements of the UK & Europe region and be a key contributor to the knowledge economy vision of UK and European governments. Working closely with our customers, we offer the latest technology to enhance their operations.

We believe in:
· Utilizing the best resources, technologies, domain knowledge and industry know-how to enhance products and solutions by continuous R&D.
· Associating closely with Clients for developing innovative products and solutions to reduce the operation cost by working together and sharing innovative ideas, thereby multiplying our impact and benefit to the customers and building strong references.
· Tapping and Training into the best talents and cultivating industry specialists.